Hikari Lore and Info

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Hikari Lore and Info

Post by AdminKeiko on Fri Apr 14, 2017 11:44 pm

Story: After Luna birthed her immortal twin daughters of two fathers, the Sun-God cast the wolf god into the pits of hell. During their battle, the Sun-God lost many feathers. When they scattered onto the floating islands they transformed into the mortal children of the Sun-God known as the Hikari. Children born during the day are born as children of the Sun-God. The Hikari are an extremely proud and evolved race with genius inventions and a vast knowledge of working with even the most difficult of metals and precious stones. They are incredibly gifted and artistic, with an eye for talent...and shinies! The Hikari are at the top of the pecking order and the majority make sure that the other children of the gods know it. They have the capability of learning to shift from feral bird to anthro-avian, to half-human/half-avian to ethereal humanoids with feathered features. All are capable of transforming into a war form of a monstrous, terrifying creature that appears to be a form of were-avian.

Appearance: Depending on the breed they are born into, their appearance can vary from a sentient, feral bird to half avian/half human, or to a more ethereal human with feathers of some kind: wings, tail, hair, ears, etc. Harpies and Seraphs can learn to transform into Tori, though much like the Okami that does not mean they innately speak Avian despite being able to understand it while in this form. Their true breed can be determined by their personality and how civilized they are.

Stereotypes on Miscegenation (mixed race pairings): The Hikari see miscegenation with the Okami as a high crime generally punishable by death. Should any Hikari ever be found to harbor either a secret romance or pregnancy with an Okami, even if one may be suspected, the Harpies will often put them on trial which may ultimately lead to mutilation of some kind, the forced removal of their wings and selling them into slavery, abortion or culling the child/children, or even death.


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