Umimizu Lore and Info

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Umimizu Lore and Info

Post by AdminKeiko on Sat Apr 15, 2017 1:19 am

Story: When the King of all the gods, Hikari, tried to seduce the water goddess, Umimizu, she refused him three times. Each time, he brought her a gift more beautiful than the last and grew more frustrated when he was refused. Finally, he could be denied no more, so he took her by force. As punishment for denying him, he fused her beautiful legs together into a tail adorned with jewel-like scales and took away her ability to survive on land for long periods of time. She birthed a daughter by the Sun-God Hikari but harbored a deep hatred for him. Goddess Luna, having suffered her own punishments by the spiteful Hikari, took pity on Umimizu. Placing a magic spell on the Goddess, her immortal empress daughter, and her children, she gave them the ability to shed their tails and gills, and sprout legs while the Sun-God Hikari slept.  They must always be sure to return to the ocean or a water source of some kind before dawn, otherwise their tails and gills will appear once more and they will slowly suffocate and perish on land. While some are interested in interacting with those on land, others are more keen on keeping to their native homes. Not many are too keen of the Hikari but some have been known to get ‘taken under the wing’ enough to learn more of their inventions in order to possibly find ways of extending their stays on land. The Umimizu are generally incredibly intelligent and can often be given a non-working item or invention and find a way to fix it in no time. They are the tinkerers of the children of the gods, turning the trash that drifts down to their world from the land above into junkyard inventions. Despite where they dwell, most have an incredible fascination with the two-legged(or in some cases the four-legged) and all they have to offer in this world.

Appearance: Their appearance can range from a sentient, feral marine mammal or lamnidae (shark) to a gilled humanoid with a lower tail that can appear as a seal, eel, fish variety, or marine mammal with fins, scales or sometimes fur(seal).

Stereotypes on Miscegenation (mixed race pairings): Since it is difficult to create a long term pair with one of the other children of the gods and even humans, they generally stick to their own kind.  They tend to often bring up the question: “A bird may love a fish but where would they live?” Some have created long-term pairings by living with their lover or significant other each night when they are free to walk the earth.


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