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Roleplaying rules

Post by AdminKeiko on Sat Apr 15, 2017 9:54 pm

1.  First and foremost, metagaming is cheating and is the hallmark of a bad roleplayer. Metagaming, for the purpose of definition, is the act of using any information gathered by any out of character actions into the game via their in‐character actions. Obviously ʺhonest mistakesʺ will occasionally happen, and for the most part will be forgiven as their overall impact is usually relatively small. Intentional metagaming accusations will be investigated and punished based on the severity of disruption that the intentional metagaming caused.
2. Remember that this is a game. Just because you dislike someones character isn’t grounds to hate the player.
3. Remember that part of the role-playing experience is to be something that you’re not.
4. Do not abuse your position as Storyteller or Narrator for personal gain or agenda.
5. Illegal acts, most specifically Sexual Harassment in OOC, shall be prohibited.
6. No disruptive behavior.
7. Rules Lawyering: Arguing with the Storytellers or other players over game mechanics, story line, etc. in order to get their way. This is obviously different from legitimate questions about rules and such, and should not be confused.
8. OOC Verbal assault and other such actions are likely to get one removed from the game.
9. Emotional Control. Players who fail to keep their emotions in-check when something happens (usually to their character) in game will be reminded politely that it’s just a game. Temper tantrums and the like belong elsewhere.
10. Every character played MUST be entered as a new topic in the 'Submitted/Approved Characters' section and include information and a backstory for your character there.

Obviously, use common sense with all rules. If you ever have a question regarding if something is allowed, ask a Storyteller first. The list above is provided as a general guideline, and is by no means the final arbiter of what is and is not allowed.


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