Luna's Divide story

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Luna's Divide story

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The Sun and the Moon

When the world was still fresh, new, and untainted from the ways of mankind, gods and goddesses roamed the lands. These deities had a hand in everything that is now seen today: the mighty sky, unique land formations, mysterious floating isles, the vast ocean and her secrets, and the wide array of flora and fauna. They shaped and molded their creation to perfection so that it may one day become a home to their children, devotees, and all other living things that would come to be. It was in this time that the Sun-God began to admire the Moon-Goddess from afar. She was pure, with such an otherworldly beauty. In all of his existence, he had never seen anything quite like her and with how possessive the Sun-God, Hikari, was known to be, he was determined to make her his own. Every dawn, he would greet her and, with every sunset, he would bid her farewell. His gaze, his ever present rays, scarcely left her each night despite being so far out of reach. It was in these passing moments of twilight that love began to bloom between the pair.  Although it was such a brief amount time, it was enough for them.

The Wolf’s Howl

The nights only grew increasingly lonely for the Moon-Goddess. The lunar beauty would sigh heavily which, in turn, would cause the tides to turn. Her restlessness and sadness soon caught the attention of the Wolf-God, Okami. He couldn’t understand how something so beautiful could look so sad. The Wolf-God soon made the decision that each night he would come out from the woods and keep her company. He would gift her with his beautiful voice that he was known for, singing her songs. Some were about her and others he had either written or had been taught. Sometimes, he would weave tales of his adventures or the triumphs of the other gods through  song. Feelings began to grow between the two. The Moon-Goddess soon realized that she had fallen deeply in love with both gods. She didn’t want to hurt her lover, Hikari, but she could not deny the feelings she had for Okami.

Luna’s Divide

After much time spent between the two gods, Luna would soon become pregnant with twin girls: the goddess heirs of Hikari and Okami. One was born during the day and was born the blood daughter to the Sun-God. She bore a beautiful set of feathered wings. The second, born during the night after a long labor, the blood daughter to the Wolf-God born with keen ears and a sly tail. It wasn’t until the birth of the second child that Hikari found out about the affair between Okami and Luna. Furious, the Sun-God cursed the world, moon, children, and the Wolf-God. He cared little for who suffered and left the children formed between the two gods to bear his hatred for the other. In his fury, he split the lands apart, creating a haven for his children upon floating islands while leaving the children of the Wolf-God to live amongst the mire and muck of the earth. Luna was sent to the sky and locked away once a month during the times when Hikari could scarcely look at her. It was during these times that Luna grew spiteful towards the Sun-God for daring to lock her away. On these nights she wept. Nothing being more dangerous than a woman scorned, her emotions fell into each of her tears. As she wept over the world, her tears birthed the yokai into the world. These often mischievous spirits and tricksters were allowed to travel between both the highlands and the lowlands. They often took the role of teachers that would attempt to tutor the children of both gods where their hatred would lead.

The heirs of the gods were sent to two parts of the world to rule the day and night. The immortal daughter of Hikari, Empress Eliana, was granted rule over the floating islands, the heavens, and those born of the day. The immortal daughter of Okami, Empress Kelevra, was cast into the darkness to rule the earth and those born of the night.  From then on, any child born during the day was claimed by the Sun-God and bestowed with an ethereal beauty, grace, and either wings or the gift of flight. Any child born during the night was claimed by the Wolf-God and was granted with the ears and/or tail of a wolf and, on rare occasions, born completely as an anthropomorphic wolf; a fate often seen as an even more severe case of Hikari’s curse.

This often caused much discord and pain between families. Should a child be born during the day, it would be foretold to the children of the sun and guards would be sent to often force the newborn babe from its mother’s arms. They would then escort the child of the sun to its true home in the floating isles where it would be well cared for until it reached adulthood. For those expecting in the highlands, should a child be born during the night, it would be seen as a curse by its family and be handed over to the guards to be cast out of the heavens and into the darkness below the floating islands. It would often be left to fend for itself, or if it was lucky, one of the children of the Wolf-God, the Okami, would take it in.

Most families, depending on their race, would try to have their child born during the time of day that they had been born so that their family would not be torn apart. Some tonics and potions could be made and sold to either delay or quickly bring on labor to force a child to be born during the time of day that the parents wanted. Though it is extremely rare for a yokai to be born of either race, it was clear that Luna would try and teach her children a lesson when this method was used as there was a rare chance that the mother would birth a yokai. Yokai, born to either children of the gods, often deeply humbled the family as it was a sign that the All Mother, Luna, was displeased by their tricks. These forms of Yokai were treated as demi-gods of sorts and treated with the utmost respect by all.


Shortly after the affair was discovered, Hikari confronted the Wolf-God for taking what he claimed as his own: the Moon-Goddess’ love. The sun god sent a ball of fire at Okami, splitting his head into three. As the blood rained to the ground, each drop became a descendent of Okami, made of his blood and the earth. During the altercations, many of the Sun-God’s feathers had become dislodged, floating away on the whispers of the winds to spread his children among the highlands. Hikari then sent the Wolf-God to rule the underworld, forced to guard their gates for eternity. The Wolf-God was never heard from again and it is rumored that he received the worst of the curse, sacrificing himself so that his children didn’t need to suffer anymore than they already were.

The Four Gifts

Not long after Luna’s affair and the banishment of the Wolf-God, the Sun-God’s gaze fell upon another beauty: the ocean goddess Umimizu. Known for her fierce nature as the virgin warrior of the gods, the Sun-God knew she would certainly bear him strong children to keep the Okami under control. The Sun-God tried his best to woo and seduce the ocean goddess. He brought her an enchanted necklace of the rarest jewels and was refused. He had his children fashion her the most intricate and beautiful armor crafted from the strongest and rarest metals. Again, he was refused. Growing more frustrated with the ocean goddess, he thought hard on what her next gift would be. It had to be one she couldn’t possibly refuse. He would not be rejected again. Finally, he decided to craft the goddess a weapon suitable for a warrior of her caliber. A weapon so divine, the other gods and goddesses would be envious. He crafted her an enchanted trident forged from one of his unbreakable ribs as a symbol of his love for her. It was then that she denied him a third time and he was vehement!

Not able to withstand another refusal, he pinned her down and forced himself on her. Regardless of how hard she fought, he forcefully took her, raping the virgin warrior. He is king of the gods and he would have whoever he wished. After he was finished, he fused her beautiful legs together into jewel-like scales and took away her ability to survive on land for long periods of time as punishment for refusing him. While Hikari slept, Luna roamed the skies that evening and her gaze soon discovered the poor ocean goddess, lying helpless and broken on a beach. Luna felt pity for the beautiful Umimizu.

Touch of Moonlight

Having suffered her own punishments by the spiteful Sun-God, she placed a magic spell on Umimizu and her unborn immortal child, as well as all other mortal children that would come from their lineage. She gave them the ability to shed their tails and gills and sprout legs while the Sun-God slept at night. They must always be sure to return to the ocean or a water source of some kind before dawn, otherwise their tails and gills will appear once more and they will slowly suffocate and perish on land. The first time Umimizu shed her scales with Luna’s boon, each scale floated away into the washing tides. Each became a child of the sea, spread far and wide, proliferating the waters with the dangerous and exotic descendents of Umimizu herself. These became the Ebisu and the Mizuchi.

The ocean goddess greatly respected Luna for her gift and  birthed a daughter who would rule her mortal children. Her ferocity soon returned and her hatred only grew for the Hikari. She began a fierce training regimen with her daughter, crafting her into a warrior worthy of her name so that she would never be taken by force as Umimizu had. The immortal daughter, Marit Rioka, soon became one of the most terrifying warriors of all realms and made it her goal to one day bring down Hikari and all of his children.

The Ambition of Children

Now the story continues. The Hikari, often blindly arrogant about their own privileged lives rule the heavens and the skies. The children of the sun rule with technologies and magics untold, enforcing the will of the Sun-God, even if they may not know why. The Okami eke out a living among the lowlands. Some bow their head in meager compliance while whispers of others who rise against the Hikari spread amongst the dense forests. Meanwhile, a legion gathers power in the murky depths of the seas. Were you born during the day, or the night? Perhaps you wish to feel the power of the currents, or you are something else entirely. The choice is yours...


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