Murasaki Hisakawa

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Murasaki Hisakawa

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█║ SL NAME » keikomoondragon
█║ NAME » Murasaki Hisakawa aka Mura
█║ GENDER » Female
█║ AGE » Unknown. Very old, yet still very young and beautiful.
█║ EYE COLOR » Green
█║ SCARS » N/A

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█║ SEXUALITY » Pan-sexual
█║ RACE » Yokai
█║ BREED » Tanuki
❖ Drinking any liquor she can find
❖ Sneaking into Jade's home and pilfering as much alcohol as she can find.
❖ Wandering the lands and telling tales of the gods and the heroes of the children of the gods.
❖ Playing harmless pranks with folks involving her transforming, Tanuki ballsack.
█║ FEARS »
❖ Running out of booze
❖ Having to wonder why all the rum...or sake is gone
❖ Running out of food
❖ Cats
❖ A table full of booze
❖ A home full of food
❖ Money to buy both of the above
❖ For someone to listen to her tales
❖ Is always either drinking or eating
❖ Has a tendency to either pickpocket or steal small things out from under folks (trinkets, money, food, liquor, etc.)
❖ When she talks, it often leads into a story or a tale.
❖  When she's exhausted or has overexerted herself, she'll often turn into her small tanuki form.
❖ Clumsy
❖ Alcoholic
❖ Gluttonous
❖ Impish

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Murasaki is generally more one track minded, whereas her mind is usually on food, alcohol, or telling a good story. She's often seen as the town drunk on both the lowlands and the upper lands, though is often treated with respect as she is a Yokai. She can be a little forgetful about details to things from time to time, but she is pretty well-loved by the townsfolk from the upper lands, lowlands, and underlands. While clumsy, she has been known to be rather sneaky on occasion.

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Murasaki was the first born to a family of first generation Okami Monsu. Her parents absolutely adored her and her talent for storytelling, which often helped them keep food on their table and a roof over their head since they were slightly more civilized Monsu. When her youngest sister was born during the day, it sent her family into a panic as they didn't want their family ripped apart. They tried to keep her hidden, but the Sun-God's gaze alerted his guards to seize the days old babe from her mother's arms to be sent away to be raised a family of Hikari that were middle-class merchants.  Sick with grief over losing her child, her mother slowly withered away from the loss and finally wandered off in the night into the forest of Titans where she was likely killed.

Her father was soon stricken with grief from the loss of his mate, but Murasaki and the other children did what they could to help him overcome it. He eventually got through it and became a fairly well-known blacksmith in the village, hammering his heartache into his work, creating some of the most beautiful weapons and armor for his Empress and her military.  

Years later, Murasaki would learn that her Hikari sister, Masumi, had fallen in love with a blind Okami and had run away from the floating islands to be with her lover. Re-united with her long lost sister was truly a blessing to Murasaki which would sadly soon come to an end. Several months later, as Murasaki was on a small journey to visit her sister, she saw the Harpies descend from overhead and slay her poor sister. She watched as they took her sister's heart and her unborn babe from the womb. It was then that Murasaki soon took up drinking.

She visited the underlands a bit more frequently after that occurence, finding peace under the waves where she could scarcely see the activity going on in the upperlands. The tanuki woman soon left her home to live off the handouts and generosity of others who paid her what they could for her stories. She'd often been known to play tricks and cause a bit of mischief when a lesson is in need of learning, but most so far have been fairly harmless.

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█║WEAPONS » A random assortment of alcohol in several gourds tied to her belt, flint and steel, lantern staff, and spear.
█║FIGHT STYLE » Firebreathing and Zui Quan...though she only learned it since she thought she was allowed to drink while learning it, as this style of martial arts only IMITATE a drunkard. No actual drinking is involved, but she sadly followed through with learning the style and surprisingly is a master of the art.
█║WEAKNESS » Any long range weapon, she's rather weak at.

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