Sakura Amemori

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Sakura Amemori

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█║ SL DISPLAY NAME » Keiko Argos
█║ SL NAME » keikomoondragon
█║ NAME » Sakura Amemori aka The Caged Bird
█║ GENDER » Female
█║ AGE » 22
█║ EYE COLOR » Blue
█║ SCARS » She has a rather large burn scar on the left side of her face that runs down along the left side of her chest and breast.
█║ TATTOOS » None

✶ ✶ ✶ ✶ ✶ ✶ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
█║ SEXUALITY » Straight
█║ RACE » Hikari
█║ BREED » Seraph
❖ Crafting beautiful gowns that the Empress often chooses to wear
❖ Secretly collecting any Okami trinkets that she might come across to help remind her of home
❖ Weaving flower crowns when she gets a chance to sneak away from the Empress' castle and hides away in the royal gardens
❖ Singing
█║ FEARS »
❖ Further angering the Sun-God with her existence and the crimes of her parents.
❖ Causing the Empress to punish her
❖ That she'll never see her Okami mother and Hikari father again
❖ The Harpies
❖ For the Empress to allow her to visit the lowlands once more.
❖ To no longer be a slave to the Hikari
❖ To one day see her mother and father again
❖ To travel wherever she please
❖ Regularly spends a great deal of her evenings staring at the moon and praying silently to Mother Luna
❖ When anxious or scared, she will run her fingers over her scars as if they were a worry stone
❖ Has a soft heart for injured creatures or beings
❖ Always has change or food in her pocket or purse to give to beggars or homeless
❖ Blind in one eye
❖ Strange
❖ Naive in some ways
❖ Submissive

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Long ago, she was once a strong and brave young woman. All that changed after a tragic twist of fate. Now she's much more fearful of the Hikari, yet grateful that they allowed her to live. She's rather submissive in her position to the Hikari Empress, not wanting to cause her ire since she's fearful the Hikari may finish the job they started on her.

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Sakura was born to a Hikari father and Okami mother that resided in the Sacred Lands. She loved the people there dearly, especially the Yokai that she had chanced to meet.  Those in her village often loved hearing her sing since it reminded them of the songs the Wolf-God must have sung to Luna.

When she was 16 years old, her mother sent her on an errand to buy some goods from the Okami village. Harpies tended to keep a rather close watch on who entered and left the Sacred Lands and saw their opportunity when the Sun-God's voice resounded in their minds that she was the one he desired to punish since her parents were careful to stay out of his reach. In moment, a flock of Harpies surrounded her in a threatening manner. Only her screams were heard as others near the Sacred Lands and near the hot springs bolted to help, only to see the poor, beautiful girl carried off to the floating islands crying and screaming for her mother and father.

The Harpies hand delivered her to the Empress and the Sun-God, who was furious at the crimes of the girl's parents. Since she was the product of those crimes, he saw it fit to punish her. The Hikari are very vain and only want perfection among their race, even physically. The Sun-God rose to his feet, stripped her of her clothes, and pinned her to the ground.

As he was about to assault her, as he had Umimizu, the Hikari Empress stepped in to stop her father and remind him there were other forms of punishment.  The Sun-God rose, pulling Sakura to her feet as he placed his hand on the left side of her face. She felt his hand grow painfully hot as flames soon began to lick at her flesh. She screamed in pain trying to withdraw but he only continued to explore the left side of her body with his hand, leaving a large scar of burned flesh in its wake. Her left eye was burned and permanently blinded. He withdrew his hand once he reached her navel as she crumpled to the floor in a nude ball, silently weeping. He ordered the Harpies to finish the rest of her punishment with their own justice. They ruled that she was to be disowned as a Hikari and made a slave, becoming the personal handmaiden to the Hikari Empress.

While she was not happy with her situation, she was too fearful to attempt running away. As much as she strongly disliked the Hikari, she knew her fate could have been far worse and was at least grateful for being allowed to live. Years have gone by as she has continued to serve her parents' sentence out. Though the Empress has tolerated her, she knows her mistress detests her appearance because of the scars the Sun-God gave her.  Sakura often tries to hide them as best as she can when in the castle, though most times she tries to sneak away to hide in the royal gardens where she can surround herself with the beautiful flowers that demand attention away from her ugliness. She dreams of running away and rejoining the Okami and hiding away in the Sacred Lands, but she's sure her every move is being watched by either the Harpies or the Sun-God himself.

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█║WEAPONS » A sliver of a mirror and a vial of poison
█║WEAKNESS » Because of being blind in one eye, her depth perception is weak for both ranged and melee attacks.

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