Hiretsuna Breed

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Hiretsuna Breed

Post by AdminKeiko on Fri Apr 14, 2017 9:12 pm

The most common of the three breeds, the Hiretsuna are born with a more human appearance and wolf-like features such as ears, tail, fangs, etc. Their average lifespan ranges from 100-200 years. Most of the Hiretsuna reside in the town or in a dwelling of some kind. It is rare for them to live in the wild. They can understand both the wolf tongue as well as Common are incapable of speaking in wolf tongue. The Hiretsuna are most commonly seen running the law and the majority of businesses in town, usually with at least one human slave working under them. Many young, female Hiretsuna are often trained to become shrine maidens to care for and protect the shrines to their Mother Luna, the hidden Father Okami shrine, and the many shrines of the Yokai. Many of the young males take up training in either the military or the law to better serve the Empress Daughter of their Father Okami.



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