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Okami Lore and Info

Post by AdminKeiko on Fri Apr 14, 2017 9:32 pm

Story: When the Sun-God cast the Wolf-God into the darkness and split his head into three, blood rained from the heavens. Each drop created a mortal child of the Wolf-God. They generally refer to their kind as the Okami. The Okami are ruled by the immortal Empress, daughter of the Wolf-God. They are seen as lessers to the other children of the gods. While humans are just below them in terms of hierarchy, they are seen as the lowest of races, especially to the children of the sun. Children born at night are born as children of the Wolf-God. Between the three breeds of Okami, the Hiretsuna and Monsu can learn to shift into Yama-Inu and though they can understand the wolf tongue, they may not innately be able to speak it.. All are capable of transforming into a war form that likely started the terrifying werewolf tales that the Hikari tell their young to frighten them. Each of the breeds have an alpha, however the daughter of the Wolf-God is considered alpha over all breeds. The genes of the Hikari and Okami are the strongest of all races, so should either race pair with a human or child of the sea, the child will either be born as a Hikari or Okami depending on the time to day. However, there is always a rare chance that the pair will birth a Yokai.

Appearance: Their appearance can vary from sentient feral wolves/lupines, anthropomorphic wolves, or a humanoid appearance with wolf-like features such as: paws, ears, tail, fangs, etc, which depends on what breed they’re born into.

Stereotypes on Miscegenation (mixed race pairings): Generally accepting of the taboo, mated pairings of both a sun child and Okami are a bit rare but aren’t frowned upon so as long as the sun child shows respect to the majority of the Okami.  *Due to an atrocious act on account of the Hikari (sun children) in regards to the first documented mated pair of Okami and Hikari, the Okami have created a hidden away, forbidden grounds where only paired Okami and Hikari can live in peace without fear of repercussions from the Hikari. Pairings with humans are more common since most Okami might fall in love with a slave or a free human. Pairings with children of the sea are incredibly rare since neither can live comfortably or safely in either environment for long periods of time.

* Shortly after the decree was made by the Sun-God that severe punishment or death would meet any of his children that chose to pair or mate with an Okami, one woman chose to defy him. The brave Hikari woman’s name was Masumi. Her beauty among her people was well known and many suitors sought her hand. She came from a family of middle-class merchants that often would take their goods to the lowlands for trading.  While accompanying her father, she had fallen in love with a blind Okami named Haru who often bought from her family’s booths. He fascinated her with his endless stories and talent for such detail in his tales, yet he had never had the sight to have seen such beauty and magic in the tales he wove her. Their affections for one another continued to grow until Haru had convinced Masumi to run away with him and become his bride. They lived happily together for several months until their forbidden romance had caught up with them. The Sun-God’s gaze had fallen upon them and their love reminded him too much of the affair of his own lover with the Wolf-God so many years ago. He sent his hate and rage to his Harpies and they cascaded from the heavens on a wild hunt for the pair. The Harpies found a pregnant Masumi and her mate, viciously descending upon her and ripping the child from her womb with their terrifying talons. Another clawed away until it claimed her heart to offer as sacrifice for her slight to the Sun-God. The blind Haru knew all too well what had just transpired and he, as well as several other Okami, took to their war forms to prevent the Harpies from harming the lifeless body of Masumi further. Several Harpies lost their lives from the battle but the damage had already been done. Childless and now without a mate, Haru buried the remnants of his short-lived bride in the local cemetery and took up residence as the groundskeeper for the area. Several months later, Haru died of heartbreak and the Okami chose to honor him and his mate by creating a sacred land for Okami and Hikari pairings that wished to live out their lives peacefully. The Yokai and Okami fiercely protect these sacred lands from Hikari that come with bad intentions.


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