Harpy Breed

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Harpy Breed

Post by AdminKeiko on Fri Apr 14, 2017 11:07 pm

If there was ever a more fierce breed of the Hikari, the harpies would be it. Any form of punishment dealt to the Hikari or any of the children of the gods would likely be dealt out by the harpies. It is them who truly answer their Father Hikari’s demands and deal out his anger directly. Their appearance is strictly a humanoid upper body and bird lower half with other bird-like features often present on their more human half. Though their population is rather small, they are sure their presence is duly noted. They have an otherworldly beauty and are a paragon of femininity. This breed is predominantly female and rarely allow male children to live. The males that are spared are generally treated as disappointments and are often kept as breeding stock or have occupations other than the military and court system - which are left for the female Harpies to rule. Their lifespans can range anywhere from 100-150 years old. Though their wings usually make up their arms, they can shift their wings into arms if they are in need of using them. Harpies have the ability to speak Common and the avian tongue. Harpies have their own form of matriarchal hierarchy within their ranks, with the females mostly ranking at the top. This breed generally works as the military, the judges, the authority, and of course, law enforcement.



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