Weapons permitted for each race and combat rules

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Weapons permitted for each race and combat rules

Post by AdminKeiko on Tue Apr 25, 2017 1:11 am

Weapons of the Hikari

Bow and arrows
Sword canes
Lightning staff (emits electricity to stun only)
Net guns (shoots nets to trap enemies)
Mechanical swords
Polearms (spears, quarterstaff, etc.)
Japanese war fans
Clawed gloves
Metal claws
Lightning cannons (can only mounted on ships or mechs and can only cause damage to organic life or materials -- cannot cause damage to buildings)
Chinese gunpowder artillery/Chinese fire lance (very heavy and slow to set up)
Heilongjiang hand cannon (very little accuracy and only useful in numbers)

**Note: The Hikari weapons are all generally very ornate, highly prized, and the metals are made of a very strong, yet very light metal alloy. Hikari typically will perform aerial attacks on their enemies, which is kept in mind with the weapons they create and use.

Weapons of the Okami

Swords (longsword, claymore, etc.)
Bow and arrow
Morning stars
Polearms (spears, quarterstaff, etc.)
Clawed gloves
Metal claws
Gunpowder (typically used for small, yet crude bombs)
Cannons (either mounted to ships, on wheels, etc.)
Grappling hooks

**Note: The Okami weapons are generally more crudely made, designed for intimidation and utility in killing as opposed to elegance, and crafted from strong, yet heavy metal alloys.

Weapons of the Umimizu

Military fork
Whale bone spears
Flails made of jellyfish tentacles
Cuttlebone blades
Dart guns (use either venomous porcupine fish quills or lionfish spines)
Clawed gloves
Japanese war fans
Grappling hooks
Anchor with chain (very heavy and very slow weapon)

Weapons of the Yokai

Any of weapons of the Okami, Hikari, and Umimizu, granting storyteller approval and backstory to backup how they acquired said weapons.

Rules of combat:

1. Keep in mind that this is a freeform rp sim.
2. However, dice are permitted to resolve attempts at attacks or success of defense, but both players must consent to dice combat.  Whoever has the highest roll is successful. Only one 20-sided dice is permitted for dice play.
3. Any involved in a potential combat must consent to a combat and be given the chance to run/escape if they don't wish to be involved in the combat.
4. Melee weapons take one post, however it is not to be assumed that the attack makes a direct hit as your opponent must be given a chance to react/respond.  
5. Long-range weapons take two posts: the first post should be loading/preparing/aiming the weapon, the second post(after your opponent's post), is the weapon being fired. Again, do not assume that the attack is a direct hit as your opponent MUST be given a chance to react/respond.
6. If you posted an attack (melee or ranged), you MUST wait for your opponent to post before you can post again.
7. Also, keep in mind that godmodding is NOT allowed. You must take some hits to make the fight fair.
8. Character deaths MUST be consented by the player choosing to die.
9. Shape Shifting: You cannot shift form AND attack in the same post. The process of shifting and attacking MUST take two separate posts.
10. An attack post must say 'at' or 'towards' and never 'hits', since this will give your opponent a chance to properly respond. This also includes attempting to grab someone in either a hostile or defensive manner.
11. Please stick to posting order or ask for posting order if you walk up to a group either fighting or talking.
12. No one hit KO's. You cannot automatically one-hit or kill an opponent unless you gain approval via OOC from your opponent.
13. Special snowflakes are not tolerated. You are not untouchable or have some uber weapon of the future, super special weapon from a movie or video game, etc. You are a mortal squishy, defeatable, and eventually will die.
14. Armor does not block everything. Although armor will sometimes deflect blades, a hard swing of a battle axe definitely will not be stopped by armor. Even if you are a warrior with armor, you need to be cautious and do not block everything.
15. You cannot block every attack. If you do, your post will only consist of you blocking and unable to get an attack off.
16. It is totally okay to play the weak character that can't fight, still participate in combat, and constantly lose to make interesting story for your character and others. Complete klutz warriors can make for some fun story!


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